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How to dismantle Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (XMG360V)

We need to perform a LCD & Digitizer replacement

We are working on one of these for the first time, cannot seem to find a guide, and also cannot figure out how to get the inner back case apart or off.

Any guides or suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you in advance.

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Gekozen oplossing here its not in english but you get the idea

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I've just finished one of these, and it didn't go well. The way they've designed these things you have to use a decent amount of force to get things off and on--and it's not at all as easy or nice as a screen replacement on a Galaxy S3, for example. The new screen cracked the minute it got put on.

I used the youtube video above and he seems to have skipped over a few little things, like making sure the little metal earpiece gets back in, etc. But it's a good general guide. You will definitely need a heat gun, or an iOpener.

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If you can't find a guide on iFixit, then you're not going to find a guide anywhere. I also have never worked on one of these. You may want to try to unscrew any screws that are in the device and use an iSclack (iSclack) to pry the screen assembly off.

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