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The Sony PlayStation 3 Move is a wireless controller that works in 3D space. The Move is paired with a PlayStation Eye Camera to bring the game to life for the player. Repair is straightforward and requires common screwdrivers and prying tools. Motion Controller Model Number: CECH-ZCM1U. Eye Camera Model Number: SLEH-0048.

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Why is the T button on my move controller not responding

I recently bought PS move starter pack with Sports Champions game. The T/Move button is not responding. At beginning of game you have to pair front and move button, it accepts it, however, once in the game the T button does not respond at all. Cant play any of the games were T button is used i.e. archery, gladiator. Can also not move back from one screen to previous screen. Have to physically switch the game off and start over!!!! All other buttons works perfectly. Please help!!!

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I have this problem too. Could be the t button problem

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I also am having this problem on my Move's T button. I'm thinking about getting a Navigation controller and switch their T buttons.

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