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iPhone 4s battery life is only 5 hours with new battery

My battery seemed to die after 4 hours, so I replaed the battery.

Now after a full charge I still seem to get only 5 hours.

The only thing running is phone service, Facebook notications and messenger.

I did notice the phone getting warm, but not hot to abnormal.

Any suggestions on what the problem may be?


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Where do you get the battery from? Maybe the battery has been used or it is a fake one. Suggest you choose a reliable supplier like to get a original iPhone 4s battery.

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the first battery was an ebay battery. i thought that it could be just as bad as the old one.

the new battery is from ifixit.

no change.


Yes , the reliable supplier is very inportance


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It is worth buying a battery from a reputable supplier, eBay batterys can be all over the place.

But you would expect even the poor quality battery lasted longer to start with.

I would do a hard reset (DFU )

Make sure you back up first

After restarting turn off everything that uses battery power. wi-Fi, Bluetooth. See how long the battery lasts for.

If you still having problems, probably you need to a get a repair shop to test the draw from logic board.

James :)

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The only thing that makes it last longer now is to turn the 3G off.

Now it lasts 6 plus hours.


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