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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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Unresponsive Digitizer After Attempted Replacement

Trying to replace a smashed digitizer on a iPad 3 4G. I have seated the cable as FAR as I can get it. Literally, I cannot get it any further. (see photo) When powered on, I get no touch at any point of the display, however the LCD works and the startup screen displays.

Is it possible I got a bad digitizer? Orderedthe digitizer from ifixit, so it's not some cheap $20 one from amazon. I can't think of anything else at this point. I don't believe the connector is damaged, shows no sign of that. The cable was not pinched, everything fit together ok.

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It is possible that the replacement digi is defective or has a damaged cable. Have you retried the original digitizer?


The old digitizer is deader than fried chicken, smashed to bits. The ifixit guys said they test each one before sending, so they doubt its that.


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Thats definitely all the way in for sure.

Check the flex cable for any tears.

If there are no tears likely a bad digitizer. Even the expensive ones can sometimes be defective, like any electronic part.

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