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The Nokia Lumia 920, developed by Nokia and released in November 2012, utilizes Windows Phone 8 operating system.

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Lumia 920 touchscreen not working.

Issue :- I can view the content in the display just about fine but the touchscreen is no longer working. So should I change just the DIGITIZER TOUCH SCREEN or LCD SCREEN WITH DIGITIZER TOUCH SCREEN ?

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varunjain16, that depends on your own skills. The digitizer comes off the LCD relatively easy with a heat source i.e. hair dryer, suction cup, playing card and guitar pick. The messy part will be the cleaning of all the old adhesive. Once you want to reattach the digitizer, you will need the right adhesive strips. Bit of a pain. Easiest and highest rate of success is of course a complete display assembly .

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Thanks for your response. I am actually getting a professional fix this issue. The thing is I don't want to install a cheap first copy LCD display as long as the existing one works just fine. But according to your knowledge, if the display works fine then its just the digitizer that needs to be fixed?


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