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Click wheel scrolls, but buttons don't work. Why? Help needed.

My ipod has previously been exposed to water in the form of rain drops, which caused one of my "next" buttons to stop working. That had been going on for several months. Recently, All other buttons have stopped working. I cant even turn the device off. I think it may be due to the fact that I used the device with wet hands. It could potentially be something else, who knows? None of the reset techniques that I have used worked. I can scroll and the screen which shows album covers like a slide show is running. It seems as though this is the only part of the Ipod that isn't working. I'm too chicken to try taking it apart.

How can I fix it?

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the click wheel and the buttons are 2 different things

so one can be dead while the other one works flawlessly

but the only chance to fix this is to open the ipod and to clean the buttons and the logicboard with isopropyl alcohol (>90%) and a soft paintbrush. it's possible that you also have to "open" the buttons - it's only a metal "foil" that might be shorted

since you didn't provide the info what ipod you have, a can't give you the link to the correct disassembly guide


here are the guides:

there are 2 guides you should use. the click wheel button guide and the logicboard guide - step 34 shows the buttons on the logic board

iPod Classic Click Wheel Button afbeelding


iPod Classic Click Wheel Button Replacement


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iPod Classic Logic Board afbeelding


iPod Classic Logic Board Replacement


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It's a 6th generation Ipod classic. Thanks for being helpful!


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Hey all!

I like to tinker on iPods from time to time and I was having the same problem. I noticed that I had unfortunately bent the ribbon that connects the scroll wheel to the logic board so it was no longer straight. After inserting scroll wheel into connector and securing it down i applied pressure to back of logic board. All of sudden buttons started working again. Scroll wheel works and now buttons work! Success! In essence the scroll wheel was the culprit.

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