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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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IS water damage invisible on logic board?


Still trying to fix this sucker.

Dropped in toilet three days ago.

Let airdry for 6 hours.

Plugged in to PC (I know, dumb). It restored.

Let air dry 2.75 days.

Removed glass. THe LCD has a black spot the size of a dime and one streak.

I am looking at the logic board to see if it has water damage.

I don't see any signs of corrosion. Can it be invisible?

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the black spot on the display is normal for a broken one - but for now - wait until you buy a new one!

fluid damage ins't invisible - but sometimes it's tiny - the parts in the ipod touch are sometimes pretty small and you need a magnifier to see if something is shorted.

don't forget to look under the logic board - most people are only looking on the top side of the board!

get some isopropyl alcohol mith more than 90% and a soft paintbrush, use it to clean the board and the connectors - be careful - those parts are very fragile!

let it dry (1 day should be enough) - don't use a hair dryer for that!

reassemble it and try it again.

good luck

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Ugh. No I am in UK. I went to three "chemists" what they call pharmacists, and no alcohol. They act weird, like I am buying bomb components. Hardware store neither, but she did tell me that others had been asking. This is some odd little side mystery.


you can also look out for a good electronics cleaner. i searched a little bit - something like this one would be good: CLICK. maybe you have an electronics store where you can get parts like capacitors, resistors and so on - those stores have something like that


i bought some at boots-on a special order, they were a bit surprised! try maplin


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