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Light blinks 8 times no picture or sound

My 2012 Panasonic tc-p50u50 blocks 8 times no picture or sounds please help

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My problem too.....remote Labrador..where get the replacements items ad technical grrrrr


bettyesampson which part do you need? same TV as the OP? same problems?


My 2012 Panasonic Plasma blinks 8 times, we replaced the ss board and plugged it back in. Turned it on and it is still blinking 8 times. I tried resetting it by holding down the menu & volume - button on remote & still got 8 red blinks. Tried holding down power button on the tv set itself & still 8 blinks…… any help or is my tv just gone?


need to take to technician to fix properly


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andRW V, this from Panasonic regarding the 8 blink code

Symptom: Unit is dead with 8 blinks power LED.

Cause: Defective SS board, part number TXNSS1SDUU.


1. Identify three components on the board: Q16051, D16041 and R16051. Refer to Fig.1

2. Remove above parts from the board. Clean the heat sink and apply fresh compound.

3. Replace with new parts as follows:

• Q16051: DG3D3020CVLW

• D16041: B0FBCN000005

• R16051: D0GF5R6JA047

Inspect all grounding paths around mounting holes on the board and on the PDP panel area and carefully clean noticed arcing marks (Fig.2 and Fig.3) using sand paper with 400~1000 grit.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Of course, if you are not up to soldering those pieces, you can always replace the board.

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Its a tv model # tc-p50u50


This shows the importance of getting the proper model number posted :-). anyhow, please note completely updated answer.


Thanks ima try it out in the morning


I have a Panasonic "th-p50ut50a" with the 8 blink issue - would the same remedy resolve my issue? Im handy with a soldering iron or am i best off trying to source the PCB?


Ben Hallawell sorry but do not know of hand if it uses the same board. If it does, than it is entirely conceivable that it suffers from the same error. If it does not have the same board, let us know on here so we can try and find the right solution.


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Blink Codes and what they mean (8-13):

8 blinks Driver SOS 3 SS Board (SS energy recovery circuit)

9 blinks Panel Config. SOS

10 blinks Sub 5v SOS / Main 3v SOS DG BoardDTV 9v SOS / Tuner Power SOS

11 blinks Fan SOS PB Board

12 blinks Sound SOS H Board

13 blinks Communication error DG Boardwith IC8001

Replace the SS Board. Link to buy

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Can iget a diagram


Is this the standard for all models of Panasonic TV's or select models?


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