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purpose of these screws on the back of my laptop? (pics)

The two little screws to the right, and the two little screws to the left? What is there purpose? Do you they affect the sturdiness of the screen?

Asking because i had to take these out and put them back in. Just wanted to make sure I didn't loosen the screen or anything.

Block Image

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Those screws are used to secure tabs on the upper case (keyboard area) to the lower case and is not related to the the displays tightness. The display itself has 4 screws, 2 each on the left and right hinge that secure the display to the lower case/chasis.

Hope this helps clear things up.

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So just to clarify, even if these screws weren't in the laptop, it wouldn't effect the hinges that move my display?


Not at all. You'll be fine.


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