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The fourth Google Nexus smartphone, released November 13, 2012.

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Is there any way to increase memory capacity of Nexus 4?

Dear all,

I am a bit annoying. The use of my Nexus 4 is limited because of low memory capacity (8 Go). Otherwise this phone works very well and I would like not change it just because of low storage capacity.

Isn't there really any solution to increase the storage capacity of Nexus 4?

Looking for some advise,


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Well, yes and no.

In theory, the memory chip can be replaced. Here a replacement done on an iPhone 6S:

In reality, seems quite unlikely to happen, although it qualifies for cooler hack ever done on an N4 ;)

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Only way would be to put the memory on the computer and store it on a larger hardrive on a pc. You cannot add memory directly to the phone itself.

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