failure in starting off MacBookpro15mid2012

hello, I have a problem, my macbook pro 15 mid 2012 which is not retina, has the following problem : When I turn on my Mac starts reaches the apple symbol and then turn it off and attempt no longer lights . After that you not had a MagSafe 60v and my mac is turned off , and could not turn it on after 8 minutes, and gave me the flaw in which Please turn text, then did another test, ignited after several attempts the mac, and you no longer connect the mac magsafe and work without problems, lit and extinguished and no longer turned off , step one day turned to test and set , now you buy the MagSafe 85v responsible for prendi again and died.

please help me

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This is very confusing. Would you please write it in your native language?


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