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Repair Guides for Dell Desktops.

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Replacing the Digitizer on a Dell 5348 where do I get it?

I can't find any part to repair the broken glass on a Dell 5348 all in one computer how do I repair it?

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Can you give me the link of the dell5348 touchscreen digitizer glass is so hard to find


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The Owner's Manual goes into detail about how to replace upto the display panel. The digitizer and front bezel may be sold as a whole unit.

Since your unit is a touch screen model, you may be able to locate part number by using the system configuration link on the Inspiron 5348 product page. After entering your service tag or express service code, you should be provided with a list of parts and their part number for your system.

If the bezel and digitizer are listed, you should be able to contact Dell to see if you are able to order the part direct. If it is not listed, they may be able to provide you with a part number based on your service tag or express service code.

I did a search on eBay after reviewing the list of models on Dell's Parts site. The two 2330 bezel and digitizer listed on eBay, seem to be in the same category of models listed on the parts site. You could use the part numbers listed in those listings to when you contact Dell to confirm they are compatible.

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Actually, the touch screen glass is $650 at Dell. But the touch screen glass is manufacturer is in China. The glass costs $260 shipping included.

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Also looking for a Touch Screen Glass Digitizer For Inspiron 3455.

The price of this part rivals the cost of the whole computer.

With a lot of looking, it appears that there may be an after market source for this part, I have seen it on Ebay:

I may have to settle for the ~$240.00 price with shipping cost.

I'm the one at fault -- had the computer on the floor and it is so top heavy it tipped over and fell forward, yikes.

I will have to take a loss on this repair, buying them a new glass front.

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