Released 2008, identified by model number DC24.

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Can't start my Dyson.

The start button won't stay down. The motor runs but as soon as you let go of the button it shuts off

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Karen Fabian, sounds like you need a new switch. You can get it from places like this

Block Image

number 6 is the part and this video might help you getting to it. Different model same principal.

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Sounds like a bad valve cap, you may need to change the upright switch cam as well. There's a more concrete guide here.

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My Dyson was working and the suddenly stopped?? Can't get it to turn back on.

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Hi @jord ,

What is the model number?

Have you checked that the power outlet is working by trying another appliance in it?

How old is the vacuum cleaner?

If still in warranty, consult the warranty statement in the documentation that came with the cleaner as to what to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

If everything 'looks' OK e.g. the power cord, vacuum On/Off switch etc, it is better to go down the warranty path, if it is still in warranty, than to open the cleaner to try and find the problem and void the warranty, in case it is a major fault e.g. motor problem


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