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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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How do I know if screen is dry and OK?

Like others, the horror of the new iPod in toilet has befallen me.

In haste to turn off, I held the top button down. Screen worked then.

I dried it off as fast as possible.

I left it in rice for 8 hours. I know I should have waited longer, but the guilt and anxiety were overwhelming.

I looked at the water sensor and it looked white to me. Is it obvious when it has been triggered?

SO, I retrieved from rice. I plugged into PC. It was recognized. iTunes initiated a restore. I let it. Went to bed.

Next morning, itunes shows that all music and apps are on device. I diconnect. When I touch home button, whole screen is greyish-white and maybe some ripple like movement. I pass out from horror.

12 hours later I find this amazing site.

I pry open screen to see if there is obvious moisture. No.

When screen came off, one corner did seem to "stick" to LCD. Now, on LCD (the one under, glass, yes), there is a mark like oil on pavement after rain? You know? Slightly oblong, size of a dime. It is like the LCD in this spot is darker and the edge is almost yellow-copperish, like Saturn's rings.


  • Is there a film on top of LCD? Should I try and remove it to see if there is water underneath?
  • How do I know if screen is dry?
  • What is that spot?

* Is battery and HD OK, but screen is messed up?

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8 hrs was nowhere near the amount of time that your device needed to properly dry. Turning it on in that condition could of fried your battery, hopefully nothing else. Open the device and clean with 90% isopropyl alcohol and q-tips. Then place the device in rice for 24-72 hrs, and cross your fingers when powering on. Theres a good chance that you can rescue the device. But, try not to power on, I know its easier said than done, but dont power on for a couple of days.

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When you open the device, make swure to disconnect all connectors and cables and clean on both male and female ends of connectors with alcohol before you place the device in rice. You can also look under "Liquid Spills" or "Water Damage" in this sites search tab for more useful information.


Thanks. I read about alcohol. But as I already screwed up and it restored the iPod, does that mean the HD is OK? Can I rule out the damage to everything except screen?


Theres no way of knowing until you follow the necessary steps, after that we can see where the damage has been done.




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