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Repair guides and support for headphones inserted into the ear or ear canal, also known as earbuds, earpods and earphones.

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One earbud of JBL Lenovo earbud stopped working

I borrowed these headphones from my good friend for a month, then I lend it to my niece for just a few minutes, she gave it back to me with one of the earbuds broken off. The driver and wires were showing out of the earbud. I taped it back on and the earbud stopped working. I'm panicking now because it's not mine. Help. I tried doing the push the cord thing but nothing would work, and I suck at fixing things.

Lenovo JBL earbuds

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With out looking at it may and may not be fixable. On the other hand things like this are not really fixable. if it is fixable you would need someone that know what there are doing with a soldering iron. sorry i know that is not the answer you are looking for for.

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Well, it's an answer at least. Thanks. :)


Do you think this can still be fixed when I go to like a repair shop?


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I've got a pair of JBL Lenovo ear buds I'm going to list on Ebay if you still need a pair.

Thank you

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