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2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.4 GHz) or 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz) quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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How do I reset password on a disabled mac?

So I purchased this laptop and I did not know it had a password lock. I can't even boot to another drive when I press option or try to reset the PRAM because it goes to a black screen with a lock and a place to put in a password. I need this to work asap and I've been struggling for a while on it. PLEASE HELP!

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You are up the creek without a paddle. Take it back and get your money back. Or turn it over to the police and they will get it back to whomever it was stolen from.

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How do I reset the firmware password on my MacBook Pro?

Hey! I found let us know if this helps

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Hey I don't have a mac with removable RAM. It's a mid 2014 15 inch Macbook Pro


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