Cannot start my MacBook Pro 15" retina


My MacBook Pro retina 15"( early 2013) cannot start.

When I start my Mac, I see no screen light, and the Apple logo is also dark.

The keyboard light is also dead. No opening sound.

The light in power adapter shows that the laptop is fully charged(and it did when I saw it the last time in os).

When I plug in a mouse, the mouse light is on and off in a certain frequency.

After being on for five minutes, I can hear the fan running, and the laptop is overheated.

Tried SMC, but nothing happened.


I once sent it to an Apple genius, but he claimed that he could start, but sometimes he faced the same problem. He thought there's something wrong with the broad.

Now the laptop cannot start, no matter how I tried.


Looking for help, thanks a lot:)


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