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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Not charging, or turning on

My Macbook Pro isn't charging with a 60 Watts charger, the battery indicator doesn't light up. But when I use a 85 Watts one it turns on but it doesn't recognize the battery.

I need help because I took it to a Service for a diagnose and they are charging me 100$ because they are saying they changed one piece but they can't which one.

I'm pretty sure they didn't change anything because if I use the same 60 Watts charger it won't turn up, but because they made it turn on with the 85 Watts they said they changed something but they can't prove anything. I'm scared they will change another piece to prove their version.

I need help knowing what pieces can they change, What could they have done? I'm going with the police tomorrow any help related with pieces, mainboard, charger could help me.


To all the dummies who answred thinking they are experts and im a cheap bstrd, the guy admitted he didn't do anything to the computer and had to return my own computer.

He was charging 100 bucks for doing nothing.

thanks tough!

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There is an Apple Repair Extension Program out for this model. The logic boards shipped with some chip error. If you take it to an AASP or Genius Bar they would have to run the Video System Test, if it fails they will replace your logic board for free. I'm not sure that's the issues, but it could be considering.

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So not only do you trust people who fixed your $2000 laptop for $100.

But your PROOF that they didn't fix anything, is that when you use the WRONG CHARGER FOR YOUR COMPUTER, that it still doesn't turn on.

As in, ma, when I put water in my gas tank, my car doesn't turn on. That mechanic done screwed me!


Use the right charger. This is a $2000 machine. Proper charger is forty bucks, no need to be a cheapskate.

The REAL problem here is that repair shop took in a laptop from a customer who upfront stated(directly or not) that they were too cheap to spend $40 on a charger. This should tell an intelligent salesperson that they will never get a dime out of the customer for fixing their laptop. What should be going through the salesperson's brain as they ask probing questions is If a customer isn't willing to spend $40 on a proper charger, what will this customer be willing to spend to fix it? NOTHING!!

A shop service writer that is doing their job - asking probing questions, using their brain, and trying to see where their solution sets fit in to your vision of how to solve the problem, would realize that this is a total waste of time. I would've sent this nightmare to a competing shop down the street before the door even swung shut.

Shame on the salesperson at this shop that allowed this to become a ticket. :( By allowing a paranoid lunatic like you to enter their repair store, not only have they wasted their time, but they are also directly responsible for you wasting the time of the police that you have contacted. Police that could otherwise be responding to robbery, burglary, assault, manslaughter, are instead being taken away from their work to accompany you to a store because a laptop repair shop had the audacity to repair your laptop for five percent its total MSRP. THE HORROR!!

This is all the fault of whomever didn't sell you a proper GTFO from the second you let on that you were using a 60w charger on an 85w machine with no intention of purchasing a proper charger.

BTW, if I wanted to reassemble your laptop with totally &&^&@@ up $@$*, I could do this right in front of the police and they would have no clue what was going on. Please realize you are totally wasting their time. Let's say I am actually a criminal and I want to destroy your laptop just because you've been an @%^$$@$ and brought police to my store. If I solder an ISL6258 instead of an ISL6259 back onto your board, do you think the police are going to notice? Do you think they have any idea what is going on? Do you think they can see that I am putting a 100 kohm resistor instead of a 10 ohm resistor on charger current sensing? Do you think there is a way to prove you didn't bring it to me like that?


They have no idea. That's why their job is to hunt down murderers, and our job is to repair laptop motherboards.

Get a clue. :(

This thread makes me sick in so many ways. Such a waste of time and resources all brought about because of ignorant paranoia. This has nothing to do with repair, and any answers to this question will just feed ignorant paranoid delusions.

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Look at you, Z...7 upvotes


Going with police? If I were repairing this guys laptop, I would make sure to solder jumper wires from the magsafe to the case and the power button :)


To all the dummies who answred thinking they are experts and im a cheap bstrd, the guy admitted he didn't do anything to the computer and had to return my own computer.

He was treating me that if I didn't pay him 100 bucks he wasn't going to return my computer.

thanks tough!


You totally wasted their time. I don't understand why you even bothered.


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I have no idea what part they could have changed but it seems like your battery is dead. All they would have needed to do at most is replace the battery so... yeah, something doesn't add up.

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Maybe your motherboard is broken, just to change a new board. Before my laptop is the same to you,then take it for a new piece of board is no problem.

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