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Can I just force the LCD plate out?

Hi, I'm the one struggling on changing outer frame of iPod

Since two of my screw (bolts) are not able to remove,

I am planning to forcefully remove the LCD plate and buy new screws and LCD plate

but I am worrying that it might affect the other parts negatively

so I am asking, is it ok to be done?

(It is not a skill problem but is a definite screw defection,

so although I let any of repair shop to fix this stuff, I can easily guess that

they will not just take it to fix, or they will, but do the step that I explained right up here)

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In general I would avoid forcing any of the components mainly due to the complexity of the device along with the delicacy of the components. I would focus on the screws; why can't they be removed? If they are stripped, you may be able to remove them with a knife, filed bit, or the correct bit and a rubber band. It seems unlikely, but the screws could also be held in place by adhesive. You could always try contacting a knowledgeable source on how to remove the screws. Forcing the screen off would be a last-resort move that could do more harm than good, make the repair much more complicated and expensive, and could be complicated in and of itself depending on how well the screws are holding the assembly in place. Good luck on your repair, I hope this helped.

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that really helped, thanks for the advice and the fast reply.


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