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Before merging with HP, Compaq manufactured a full range of laptop computers. Now they are manufactured by HP mostly with basic features.

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Hard Drive Clicking every 5 to 10 seconds

I've recently bought a Compaq Armada 1120 second hand, and it works well. Although, it's hard drive seems to click every 5 to 10 seconds. I've noticed it will stop doing it for awhile when I do nothing. I can also hear the hard drive doing things right after I click on something. This computer is from the 90s and I'm wondering if it's Hard Drive should be replaced, or if this is normal for laptops from it's time.

I'm new to collecting computers like this lol

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Mario83w, if the hard drive is making clicking sounds but still appears to function correctly, then this sound may be normal for that hard drive. Clicking sounds are normal for some hard drives during the read/write access of the drive. I would backup all important data and run something like chkdisk to see what is reported.

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Ok, I can't backup anything as I don't have any floppy disks right now. I've also noticed a strange sound while on MS-DOS. Here are the results from chkdsk upon trying chkdsk C:.

Volume Serial Number is 065D-14E1

Errors found, F parameter not specified

Corrections will not be written to disk

CHKDSK cannot check the validity of this drive because the following

path is too long:


To run CHKDSK, the drive must not contain paths that are longer than 67 characters. To shorten the path, use the MOVE command to rename

some of the directories in the path.

Instead of using CHKDSK, try using SCANDISK. SCANDISK can reliably detect and fix a much wider range of disk problems.

That's what it gave me. Also, should I get the hard drive replaced? I don't know anything about hard drives. I would also like to note that the laptop seems to get very hot very quick, but it also doesn't have any fans or vents.


the chkdsk is strictly the limitation with the characters, not your drive. Download the service manual from here. Most likely you will have to open it up and clean the heatsink and apply new thermal paste. Try some of the older shareware utilities and see if you get more information. Check on here


unfortunately, I have no skills or tools to do that. Would a laptop cooler work? I can't use any shareware utilities because I don't have any floppy disks to put them on.


You do realize that this is going to become an issue, 3 1/2" floppy drives are getting harder to come by :-) Some versions of Win95 had USB support. Check on here and see if yours does. The service manual link on your other question should help you getting to the heatsink etc.


Thanks, I'll look into it. :)


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if you have any concerns about unusual noises from a hard drive you can test it with WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostic for Windows as long as it's not the system boot drive:

I suggest you select the Long/Extended test which is more thorough than the short test. I've known a few drives pass the short test but fail one or more stages of the long one.

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Sorry, but that won't work, The laptop runs Windows 95 and only has a floppy drive.


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