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Released May 1, 2012. The first backlit eReader tablet emits a soft backlight for improved night reading. The device is simple to open up, but the components are all connected.

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USB port came loose

A few weeks ago, the USB port on my NST Glow came loose. Now, it will not charge at all. Is there any way to fix/replace it?

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Did anyone ever find a replacement USB socket for this device?


the loose port connection means I also cannot hard-wire to my computer to download library books. How can I get this fixed?!


Where can I buy this port connection?


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Carter clavierkid, you will have to disassemble your Nook, here is a teardown and either solder the old port back on or try and find a replacement.

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Can be quite a tricky job. Here is a video I did of soldering a similar port. It may be helpful if you are going to attempt it.


James Soulsby, excellent video. I've been a fan of your work for years. Thank you for joining the great ifixit community.


I'll have to find a T5 screwdriver first. I'll go out and find one today. Thanks for the advice!


2 of the pins on my USB port have completely broken off. Any advice on where to find a new one?


The local iFix shop claims they have replacement ports for other models but not the simple touch with glowlight. Is this really such a special port?


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