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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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would not turn on and gave me the ten red blinks.

One more here, I left my panasonic 42" plasma for about two years and a half without use. I remember one of its HDMI ports wasn't working. After all this time I tried using it again and everything worked right off the bat, including the suspected HDMI port! However, the next day, it would not turn on and gave me the ten red blinks.

I tried the power button for 10s thing and it didn't work. I'll try now the different power circuit and if that doesnt work, cleaning (I know all the fans are working though because I checked the first time I turned it on).

I suspect the HDMI port because I tried using it last. Used it fine, turned the TV off, and the next time I tried to turn it on one day after, the problem appeared.


Using a differente power circuit made no difference. And besides lots of years of use (and no use), it was mostly clean inside. I brushed off the few spots with dust but it also didn't make any difference.

Does anyone have another idea? The training and service manuals links don't work anymore. There are no swollen capacitors.


I managed to find the service manual and it says the problem lies with board A. I took it away, cleaned it thoroughly and didn't find any problem that I could see. Still no go.

I almost bought another of these boards online but after more research, it seems the 10 blinks error is a general error that can mean anything but the other specific errors listed on the manual. So, the problem can be on 4 different boards that are linked to it.

After that I don't think it's worth the risk of spending money and not fixing it. I'll probably buy a new TV and think about sending this one to a repair shop.

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Carlos, since you have the service manual, did you try the trick of blasting the capacitors on board MC201 or MC301 with refrigerant (turn can of air upside down)? If you temporarily freeze the bad capacitors, then hit the power button and it comes on, meaning no more blinks, this is a pretty inexpensive repair, less than $10 if you already have solder tools.

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Hmmm no I didn't, I didn't know about it. Thanks for the tip! However I'm not sure I'll be able to find the refrigerant (don't even know how this is called in portuguese, I live in Rio, Brazil) and the capacitors, but I'll try.

Assuming I can find them, do you have any instructions on how to do this? I have a soldering iron and some solder that I don't know if is right for the task. What else would I need?

I'm used to messing with electronics since I'm a computer engineer and did some electronics classes back in college, but I've only soldered something once and it's been ages. I'm pretty confident I could do it if I had instructions though.

Thanks a lot for the help!


Ok doing my homework I found what a refrigerant is called here and I'll try to buy one tomorrow. Looking through the manual I found MC201 and MC301 on a diagram but I couldn't find them looking at a picture of the P board. The TV is closed right now and it's late so tomorrow I'll try to find time to open it again to find these capacitors and freeze them.

If it works I guess that I have to remove the P board and replace them, so I'll just need to know which capacitors and how to replace them, and what do I need for tools. I can probably find this on google, thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction, and thanks in advance if you have anything to add :)

Edit: I found your previous post, I'll watch the video! I'd opened it days ago but thought I had a different problem...


Alright saw the whole video and I don't think that I can successfully remove those tiny capacitors without messing something else. Did you exchange only the capacitors, not the chips?

Another easier solution for me is to buy an used, whole power board for not that much more money (about $50), it would still be a cheap fix. If I exchange the board, do I need to take any measures? The service manual says something about voltage adjustments after substituting a board.

And for last... about the video, I didn't get the last part about discharging the capacitors. Did the guy on the video plug the white and blue cables connector and power on the TV before discharging (what would be the point then?), or was he only showing what he did before?


Carlos, I did not replace the chip, mine did not need it. Basically after removing both the 201/30I boards, I started the main repair shown at 10:15 in the video. I replaced only the capacitors, fairly simple repair. Just stay away from the other SMD's they can be a pain to put back on. I added a few links below, if they don't show up msg me and I'll send them to you directly.

Here is the compressed air, in Portuguese, you may find it cheaper locally..

Here is the cap I used, (UMP1H010MDD1TP) DigiKey ships to Brasil. Or you can find them on eBay.


Carlos, no I did not discharge the unit as he showed. I've been using the new capacitors for a year, no problems.


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