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Fifth generation of iPhone. Repair of this device is straightforward, and requires screwdrivers, prying tools, and patience. GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Tried Isoproyl on water damagediPhone 4s (ATT), No success!

Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help.

For starters, I have an iphone 4s here that has been dropped in a HOT TUB, and was left there overnight until found the next morning. Im guessing the hot tub had chlorine in it too, not sure. It had been taken out that morning and was taken straight to me,

Now, bearing in mind the fact that despite nobody attempted to turn the phone on after it had been dropped into the hot tub for several hours, it still had not been turned off manually, so the power had obviously failed and the phone shut down whilst it went for a little swim.

However, I disassembled phone and submerged the logic board in a container filled with 99% isoproyl and waited about 5 minutes. I then took it out and used a tooth brush and gentley brushed every area of the board, including underneath the metal shields. (I was careful whilst taking these off and then lightly brushed the chips)

I also cleaned every contact of the phone inside the housing including the LCD digitizer etc.

The only signs of corrosion that you can visually see is on some of the screws, nothing else, the logic board now looks clean.

I then replaced the battery and the power button flex cable, cause 9/10 the flex cable fizzles out just as much as the battery.

I assembled only some parts of the phone to save time, so all that I had connected to the logic board was the battery, the power button flex cable, and the two digitizer ribbon cables...just so that I could see if the phone could gain power.

I tried my luck, and WALLA, after pressing the power button the screen came on! I thought I had fixed the phone because the apple logo came up, an then the main screen came up where you enter your pass code.

I left it out for about 15 minutes and it was working fine. Until I decided to check to see if the camera was working, and without turning off the phone and I went ahead and just connected the camera connector straight to the mother board while it was still ON! (bearing in mind that I have done this many times with my actual phone whilst the phone was still on and this never caused a problem) Until then all of a sudden the screen went BLACK and I have not been able to power it up ever since!

What went wrong ???

So to summarise,

I cleaned the phone and logic board with isoproyl.

I replaced the battery

Replaced the power flex cable

I managed to power up the phone temporarly

I then connected another component whilst phone was LIVE, (naughty I know)

and then nothing, black screen. Still is now.

I couldn't possibly imagine that I blew the motherboard as I connected the camera did I? I mean, iv done it many times on my iphone 4 without turning it off first and nothing bad happened. So I am guessing that a different fault may have happened coincidently as I plugged in the camera. But none the less, still no power.


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This sounds a bit more advanced. I thought there was only one sheild that is soldered down, are you saying that this is the one that I need to remove to check ? I don't know what caps or inductors are or how to fix them.

I don't understand, how can it work, and then not work :s


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You put a comment in the place where only answers belong. In the future please use the comment link, or, update your O.Q.

Yes connecting power to partially assembled devices can cause problems. Not always but sometimes something may shift, or move and short out. Apparently you were unlucky enough to have it happen to you in this instance. About all you could do would be go over the board with a magnifier looking for scorch marks or swollen components and try a replacement. Good Luck!

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Ah right sorry about that.

I see what you mean and won't do it in future, it turned out that the battery had a leak with all this yellow stuff around it that's probably why it wouldn't come on. All I have to do is replace the battery and it should be fine but thanks


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