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This tablet was released by Asus on July 2013. The model is also called ME173X. The tablet features a 7 in. display microSD card slot, a MicroUSB slot, and a headphone jack.

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Asus ME572c Fix Loose Battery by Opening Case?

Hi there,

I recently dropped my Asus 7 me572c. It has no signs of external damage. However, it no longer turns on. This tablet wasn't widely distributed in the U.S. (I think just Best Buy sold it briefly). I'm trying to determine how to open the case to (presumably) fix it by reconnecting the battery connector. I know the Nexus 7 (which the me572c is the spiritual successor of) also had issues with loose battery connectors. The Nexus 7 was easy to open; however, the me572c case was redesigned and doesn't have noticeable seems to pry open. I'm not sure whether I'd have to remove the screen to get to the battery?

I'd greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone could offer. Thank you!

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You start down by the charge port there is a scene there or you just can't see it you got to use the plastic smudger in a plastic entire pic and kind of pry apart and then work your way around the whole frame and it should pop right off then you can get to the battery in the battery terminals

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