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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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Car turns over but won't start

Well I have a 1992 dx 1.5l and I'm pretty sure its my fuel pump not priming but I don't know why I changed the fuel filter, the pump, but I made a dumb decision and didn't change the filter on the pump?? Could this be the problem? Or could it be a corroded connection?

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Did you check the voltage at the pump . Can you hear the pump hum when you turn the key on before you crank the engine. Have you checked for spark at the plugs and can it get air. Have you checked the fuel pressure on the rail. One last thing you might want to check is your timing belt.

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How do I check the voltage at the plugs? And some time it hums and starts and sometime there is no hum it just keeps cranking ? I changed the air filter, fuel filter, and fuel pump . and how do I check fuel pressure on the rail? Thanks for the feedback


these two links may be helpfull


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