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An LTE smartphone for the European market by ZTE.

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Why my ZTE Grand Memo don't read the SIM CARD?

I have a ZTE GRAND MEMO V9815 defected because don't read my SIM CARD.

I hope in your help !



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How do I take the back off my phone to take the battery out

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Mine is a ZTE older model won't read Sim card. AT&T was to send me a new one but haven't received it can't get customer support to help me they won't unlock the phone so I can use a different carrier. Now someone got into my phone encrypted it. Also I have no data settings. 3 months in a row AT&T has done nothing and the problems ate getting worse . I have never seen such poor trained support. I can't use the phone no one can hear me . Any suggestions?

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AT&T should unlock my ZTE and refund my money for all the trouble and poor customer service for all prepaid card I have purchased


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