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Een gameconsole voor de televisie, geproduceerd door Sony Computer Entertainment, ook bekend als de PS4. Voor het eerst aangekondigd op 20 februari 2013 en gelanceerd op 15 november, 2013.

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Controller won't sync with console.

I've run into an issue with a few PS4's where the controller won't sync with them. I know the controller I'm using is good because I've used it on several different PS4's without issue. Has anyone had any luck fixing this issue?


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When I plug the controller in and I press the PS button the light on the controller flashes blue, but it never connects. The light will go back to orange and then just repeats the process when I press the PS button again.


this is literally happening to me too but i am inexperienced with welding or whatever you guys do so i cant really fix this


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I managed to change the wireless communication chip on the motherboard and it fixed my problem. In this picture it is in the lower left hand corner covered by a white sticker and shield.

Block Image

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So you must have reballed it by hand?


I didn't even reball it actually. There are only about 60 contacts on the back of the chip and they are spaced far enough apart to not have to reball. I just fluxed the back of the chip that I took from another PS4, put it into position, heated it and it worked like a charm.


Wow..crazy...I assumed you would have to reball it. Nice! Hopefully it lasts a long time!


Soooo.....? Success??


how am i an inexperienced 14 year old gonna fix this


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