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MacBook Pro modellen met 13" beeldschermen

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MacBook Pro won't power on with battery + Some keyboard keys dead

Hello there.

I'm facing a strange problem with my MacBook Pro 13"early 2011.

It ran out of battery during the night and this morning it would not power on.

  • Tried SMC and PRAM reset but it was unresponsive to them as it was with the power button.
  • Tried the SMC bypass trick with no luck.
  • The battery indicator works and during those tests showed charging progression until completely charged but still no power.

I've opened the beast to unplug the battery, attached the MagSafe, and, miracle: power at last! Then I've sprayed contact cleaner in the battery plug and socket, replugged the battery and, miracle: power!

The battery charges and discharges normally and the tool shows no warning except a "Replace soon" message I've had for months.

Then I discovered I've lost some keys on the keyboard!

The numbers rows is dead except '0' '-' and backspace. Dead also:

  • eject
  • [
  • ]
  • /
  • right command
  • right option
  • right arrow
  • up arrow.

Then I've shut it down, screwed the bottom case back, and... It wouldn't power on again :(

So, I can power it only with battery left unplugged and I have to unplug and replug the charger to have powering on after a shutdown. In the same manner, it will power on *only one time* after having unplugged then replugged the battery from the socket. Strange.

Also, when kept only with the charger and no battery, it seems to perform a little slower, with some typing lag for instance.

Has someone knowledge about this issue?

Thanks a lot for your help solving this!



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This was definitely a keyboard issue. Probably some short circuit inside preventing the power button from working and some keys too.

And probably caused, not immediately but days or weeks after, by some water/moisture damage since the LSI near the power button had turned red on the back of the keyboard.

A brand new keyboard solved this issue :)

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Examine your battery for swelling. If swollen it may be pressing on the bottom of your keyboard.

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Unfortunately, the keyboard issue is still here with the battery removed and chassis opened...

I'm at the moment cleaning the unassembled keyboard (that's a huge amount of screws!), hoping that perhaps the power on issue could be caused by a shortcut inside the keyboard circuit... Because I've discovered during teardown that the LSI in the corner next to the power button is red :( Other LSIs are white.


Update: the contact cleaner bath has some good effect since I recovered the numbers row.

Still missing:

power key (seems like a keyboard problem rather than battery as far as I make progress)

right option





May they be on the the same circuit line???

I'll give the baby another bath ;) and update here.


Update: the missing keys are still missing, including the power button. Looking for a keyboard replacement, now.


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