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The HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One printer can be used as a printer, copier, scanner. This printer uses a 5 color print system.

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black ink doesn't work

the black ink won't print but the other colors work fine. I've tried replacing the black cartridge to no avail. Thoughts?

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Probably dried up. HP is notorious for making some .... interesting products. You can clean the head with rubbing alcohol and try putting the cartridge back in. That might work for ya.

Best of luck!

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Depending on the age of your printer, with all inkjets, they regularly use ink to 'service' itself. Where does this ink go then? In a reservoir in your printer. This is why they tell you not to tilt a printer, because there is typically a pool that this ink will fill over time. If cleaning the printhead did not work, I would suggest partially dissasembling the printer to remove the pads that are also used to absorb this ink and running them under a stream of warm water until ink stops coming out. After waiting for them to thoroughly dry, put it back in and start it up. These pad are located on whichever side the printhead parks and can typically be fairly easily removed once you get the outer casing off. As I mentioned, there is a resevoir where a pool of ink would be, and would empty that as well. If you have ever tilted your printer, then you may find huge gobs of ink in there.

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