2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Wifi: No Hardware Installed after reassembling (N camera, Y Bluetooth)

Okay, so I spilled milk on my computer (It happens), and I disassembled it and cleaned it and let it dry out. I put it back together and it worked! . . .mostly.

The Wi-fi says "No Hardware Installed", but I did not leave out the wi-fi card or any other part (except 3 tiny screws).

My camera doesn't work (the light won't even turn on), but Bluetooth works very well.

What gives?

SMC reset?

PRAM reset?

Apple store visit?

Something else?

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Once you took the board out did you clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Is there any corrosion around the Wifi, Bluetooth and camera connector?? If so clean it all carefully with toothbrush and alcohol.

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