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The Kindle Fire, Fire, or Amazon Fire is an Android-based media tablet by Amazon with a multi-touch color display. Repair requires only screwdrivers and prying tools.

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screen is black but can hear sound

Dropped kindle on screen and now it is black.i can hear it male noise when hitting the power button and volume but screen is black.

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hi there have you got a fix for this problem as i have a black screen constantly on my kindle fire for past few days ive not dropped it or done anything to damage it only thing I have done different to usual was took it on holiday with me and this issue has been since i returned home? My daughters kindle i also took with us and it is fine. can you help me to fix this?


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I also have this problem. As I was trying to find solutions, I found that someone who had a Kindle Fire HD 2013 had this same problem. This is what they wrote:

''I had this problem and just fixed it in a way you won't believe . . . Remove the battery and put tablet in the oven at ~ 120 degrees fahrenheit for 10 minutes! I had posted problem in Google+ forum for the 2013 KFHD and that was suggested. Here's link: [

Boy, was I skeptical, but the tablet screen is now working. Here's detail:

I charged the battery, then removed it. It was REALLY hard to get out. If doing again I'd for sure get iFixit's spudger, but I used a 3/4"-wide length of credit card to get started, then a couple heavy-duty plastic knives. The battery is thin and wants to bend so this has to be done carefully.

I set oven to lowest temp, 150, and used an oven thermometer, (which also had lowest temp of 150, so there was some guesswork involved in getting the temp right.) Anyway, after preheating I turned off oven, let it cool down until thermometer went below 150 (guessing when it was about 120), and then popped in the tablet for 10 minutes, leaving oven off. I let the tablet cool down, reassembled and plugged into computer and voila(!), screen came on. I didn't get the back on tight at first so power button didn't work, but fixed that and now Kindle is working great!''

I'm still not sure about the answer, though.

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