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First available August 2014, identified by model number RCT6103W46.

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How can I retrieve files off of a dead tablet?

My tablets charger port is messed up, so I can't charge it, but I need to retrieve music, photos, etc from it. How?

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I think I accidently hit erase on my tablet. Now all that comes up is my Wi FI is there anything I can do to restore my tablet.


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Michael Evans, there is no other way. The data is stored on memory IC's on the logic board. I suggest you try and repair/replace the port. You will get lots of answers about software recovery etc. but in your case it will not work since your cable connection is not working. There might be some professional companies out there that can access those IC's but it will cost you way more than a repair would.

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If you have enough power left in the battery you could try to upload the files you need to a cloud storage provider like box, dropbox,overdrive, or google drive.

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