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Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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Stuck @ apple logo. No power button, itunes won't detect...

Soooo I am attempting an iPhone 3G challenge with my buddy, and I dusted off my old 3G and decided to factory reset it... forgetting that I had jailbroken it a long time ago... Needless to say it bricked the phone. I am stuck at the apple logo.

Normally, I would DFU the phone and restore it, but I am unable to... My power button is broken.

I've tried to let the battery die and plugged it into the USB on my computer and held the home button until it turned on, and for about 30 seconds after the apple logo came back on... but it still wouldn't go into DFU or Recovery mode.

Any ideas on what I can do? I'm starting to think I may be forced to fix the power button but really don't want to... lol

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Anyone got any ideas? I'm about to just throw the phone away... don't think I can recover it without the power button unless someone has a bright idea :)


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Hey scott32786, try to apply pressure on the top part of the screen (that is closet to the power button) and press the power button at the same time. Maybe you could get it to turn on like that. This demonstrates what I'm talking about.

-If that didn't work try this.

-If it still didn't work then disassemble it then reassemble it to see if the power button is actually faulty or just out of place.

-More Options

-Use a can of compressed air to blow through the switch or if you don't have compressed air just blow very hard.

-If that still didn't work do a quick teardown

-If it doesn't work after that purchase a new power button (it's cheap) and replace it.

-For a temporary fix: settings>general>accessibility>assistivetouch and turn it on.

-Let me know how it goes.

-Please accept the answer if it works for you.

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Hey there, thanks for getting back to me... I tried that, and still nothing :(... I had actually tried that a while back when the button first stopped working, and nadda back then either... unfortunately.

Any other ideas? :)


Hey scott32786, please see the edits I made. I've added two other things for you to try. Let me know if it works or not.


First link I've tried and nadda... I tried that before posting here.

I also disassembled the phone and took the power button out and put it back in, but it still doesn't work...

I feel like I have tried just about everything PHYSICALLY with the phone to get the button to work, with no luck... To fix the button I am sure I need to order a new one... just hoping I can fix this phone without having to.


Hey scott, I've added more options for you to try. We'll figure something out. Let me know how it goes.


Yeah, looks like I'm gonna just need to buy a new power button and replace it.


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HELLO scott,i've seen people HARD RESET the phone,like doing the ideas i got below.

Here's what i want you to do. Take out the battery and then wait ten seconds then put the battery back in and plug it in for one second to turn it on then it should work.

Taking out the battery can be hard. A special tool is needed to remove the back. Once that is complete use a small screw driver,perhaps a phillips to remove the cable to the battery.

NOTE:my iPhone 3G is actually going,although i blackra1n'd it,and it is AMAZINGLY going!

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