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caliper is leaking brake fluid

I changed the brake pads on my Nissan now the caliper is leaking brake fluid and the left rear hub leaks too, so the car looses the braking power I have to bleed the brakes almost every day to get it to brake.


should I change the whole caliper or wat ?

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How did you bleed the brakes? What problems with your brakes are you having? What year is your Nissan?


How do I bleed the rear wheels ?


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Check to see if the bleeder valve is tight,Next the hose to the caliper may be rotted or loose,more than likely the rubber seal on the piston in the caliper are worn out.

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well if any thing is leaking you need to replace that part. they only work if you don't have a leak. to get the air out. you first make sure you didn't lose the fluid in the reservoir. if you didn't then you have to start from master cylinder and get the fluid there. if you never lost fluid then its easier. after changing the problem leaky part. stop on the brake pedal and build up pressure. and another person open the bleeder on the back of the wheel cylinder or caliper and then when your foot is to the floor have the person close the bleeder. repeat pumping the brakes and open bleeder. then check the fluid level. don't let it get to low and start sucking air. repeat a few times till there is no more air coming out the bleeder.

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