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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 Plus that was released on September 19, 2014. Model: A1522, A1524

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Touch ID stops working after few days after screen replacement

Hi all

I recently replaced the display assembly of my iPhone 6 plus

Obviously couldn't take it in an Apple Store because of a slight dent...

I replaced the assembly successfully and put back the original home button with Touch ID sensor .

Now the Touch ID works only for few days and then it stops

Once I restore the iPhone it starts working again

Very strange... I've also checked the plug and it is properly connected

Do you have any idea about this issue? Thanks

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This is a belated answer so hopefully it can be of use to folks who search for and find this question.

The Home Button functions can be easily damaged during a screen repair.

First, inspect the Home Button Flex to see if there are any tears. Even the slightest tear can cause issues so use magnification. If that looks good, then inspect the condition of the connector at the end of the flex. From there, it connects to the Home Button Link Flex, which runs underneath the LCD Heat Shield. Sometimes that flex, especially in the connector area, can be damaged when it's pried off the screen assembly.

Lastly, check the other end of the Link flex to see if there is any damage there or to the connector on the logic board.

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