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Released on October 1, 2013 the BLU Studio 5.5 is an unlocked Android smartphone with two model types being the D600 (single SIM) or D610 (dual SIM).

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My phone screen is white

I took out the battery let it stay for a while, but screen is still white. What can I do? Help please

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my itel it1503 phone shows white on the screen when i changed the screen


Can we repalce the lcd and touch of Huawei y560 U02 with y541 U02?


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I seen your other post that said this happened after the phone had been dropped. A white screen usually means that the LCD in the display assembly has either been damaged or its connection to the logic board may have come loose. The LCD is the part of the display that is responsible for displaying the image on the screen. So you may want to disassemble the phone enough to be able to check its connections to the logic board. If the LCD connection is properly seated to the logic board then the LCD was definitely damaged during the drop and will need to be replaced. If there are any cracks in the screen I would suggest replacing the whole display assembly. Hope this information is useful for you.

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When Im using my phone it just shuts the display and using only backlight. But everything is okay just the display doesn't show anything. It still functions but no display. Can you help me?


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3 things you need to check. First of all chech the LCD cable to see if it's lose. then disconnect the front camera and turn it on. If it turns on it's proximity sensor if not test the battery.

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