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MG5350 Printer problem - print head

In the middle of double sided printing( which I had done for the first time) the printer stopped printing in the middle of the run and came up with the UO52 error code which says "the type of print head is incorrect, install the correct print head". I have followed the instructions that Canon gave me but it still does not work. Can you help with this printer? We live in Hawarden, near Chester.

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Me, too. I reseated the print head, but I still get the same error message for a Canon Pixma MG7520.


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I have this printer and have had exactly this problem. In my case, it seems that the print head is not sitting correctly. I solved the problem by removing the cartridges, then the print head and replacing the print head, then the cartridges very carefully and gently. You may need to do this a couple of times. There are instructions for removing the print head on the web, but if you get stuck, come back and I will reprint them here.

Good luck!

John W

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