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Released in 2013 Model number: ONETOUCH 7024W FCC ID: RAD386

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Why I can't charge my phone

My charger piece in the inside of the phone where i charge my phone is damaged how can i fix it

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i want where to take phone it to fix the charge pots


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Hellow Caleb Ragsdale,

you can simply change the [http://daughter card |Why I can't charge my phone]

here is the teardown guide

if you have sound soldering skills you can change the charging port and it will cost around $2

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Where do I find that for my phone can charge and how do I find it

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how do i fix the charger port on on my phone it is broken

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I had my prongs bent in by someone so I want to connect positive and negative inside to my charger wires BUT it has 2 red 2 black and 2 white, what to do? :( its a alcatel one touch fierce xl :( . + and - not labeled.

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