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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 Plus that was released on September 19, 2014. Model: A1522, A1524

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voice command keeps talking but won't allow me to click on options

While trying to turn off my voice over in the settings section, my screen froze and a box appeared telling me about voice commands and gave 2 options - OK or Cancel. When I tried to click an option, the voice just said what I was clicking but wouldn't allow me to click. Eventually my screen locked and now when I try to open it, it just voices what I am doing….it says commands like "open camera button", "Screen lock", gives the date or time, tells me the messges or notifications on my phone, etc. However, it won't let me open my phone. I have even turned it off by holding both buttons. HELP!

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update the IOS to latest available version in your region

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I don't know how to fix it

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