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StreetPilot c320 is a personal GPS unit made by Garmin that was released in July of 2005.

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Why can't I acquire satellite signals

satellite problems can not aquier


I can not aquier satelites

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my garmin nuvi 65LM - while driving the GPS always Lost Satellite Reception, signals come & go..  Already did hard reset but problem stays the same.. Need help..


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It's not the kind of thing you just acquire...they're very expensive.

I've heard that as the battery wears out they have trouble acquiring satellites, the battery is soldered in. If you want to attempt this, here is a link to a video demonstration:

How to Replace Your Garmin Street Pilot c320 Battery

You can buy a battery here for £7.21 - Buy Battery

You could also try a hard reset:

To reset the c320:

1. Place your thumb nail in the groove located under the Garmin logo on the face plate.

2. Gently pull off the face plate.

3. Press the Reset button.

4. Turn the unit back on; it will operate normally.

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Oh lighten up old man, it was only a joke. Also condescending is not the right word to use, I did not in any way show an attitude of patronizing superiority.


Very nice answer. I have retracted the down vote and given you a positive one. But you've really shown your character by the 11 down votes you gave me with no explanation in retaliation.


A few of us work very hard to help others around here and have done so for years. We get touchy about flippant answers. Your positive answers are very welcome.


To know about voting, go to your profile > activity > look at the bottom right hand side to Vote History. I see your brought 3 new friends with you to iFixit ;-)


Haha, my friends only came to help me defend whoever was purposely down voting my answers! I hope I won't need my friends here again.


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