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The Kenwood Chef A701A is a stand food mixer released by Kenwood.

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Kenwood chef A701A not working

I used my Kenwood, switched off. Then put another mixture in 10 mins later. Switched on but nothing happened. Will not go. Please advise what may be the problem. Thanks

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I am vainly searching for a fault in my kenwood a701a but can see no evidence of a fault. Your very helpful disassembling notes say in note 8 that the part "ringed" is most likely to go wrong. ( I have noted the spindle is spirally scored). Can anyone tell me what this "ringed" part is called and where I can get a replacement.


Fraser Rae


I am asking how to reassemble the moter into the machine Where does the Nylon ring It fits both ways around


The nylon ring on the top of the motor fits both ways on top of the motor


I have changed the carbon brushes and the machine is running and I am reassembling it


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get the wiring checked.On old machines the wire from the base to the top, where it's hinged go's brittle and fails. easy repair

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