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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 that was released on September 19, 2014. Model Numbers: A1549, A1586, and A1589

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Why has the iPhone 6 stopped working after a successful water repair?


Recently I encountered a water damaged iPhone 6. It showed no signs of life (even though the battery still had a healthy charge discovering later when running tests)

I stripped the phone down, soaked the main board in 99% alcohol for 5-6 hours, dried the board and then brushed it clean from any water damage. After replacing the dock connector flex cable, the iPhone powered up and all functions worked as they should.

About a day later now, it is dead as before, showing no signs of life. The battery had been charged up to about 78% the evening before and the phone was working as it should. I have now replaced the battery and still nothing.

Any thoughts?

I did not remove the IC chip metal covers as they appear to be welded to the main board.

Thank you.

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Remove all the EMI shields clean it again and replace the battery. That is a must, not an option


The process you followed is incomplete and dangerous. It's like saying you had a toothache and took one Aspirin. 1 day later, the toothache is back again. Sure, the iPhone board underneath the shields is still decaying and the electricity running through it is making any short worse by the second. Unplug that battery ASAP then do as jessa and old turkey are saying.


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"I did not remove the IC chip metal covers as they appear to be welded to the main board."

^^which means that 80% of the board was never cleaned, and subjected to electricity. This is the problem. You have to desolder the shields, then clean, and then find the shorted component and replace it.


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Here's a video that shows you why cleaning the board without removing the shields is insufficient.


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