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The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM.

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totally dead blackberry z10 for no reason

Hi is there anyway of powering up the phone without the battery, phone also not recognized by PC now. so cant use usb cable to check on BB link



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1) Check the charger and cable. if they works fine,

2) try to do "kick start"

  • Connect the charger and keep the device charging at least 2Hrs even LED or display indication appears or not
  • Disc connect the charger and remove the battery and re-insert battery
  • Connect the charger and leave charging for another hour

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Ok I will try that buy I don't have other battery is that work?


Buddhika Mahesh are you from Sri lanka ? Maybe i can help you


Danny, Yes i am Sri Lankan! :-) Sorry, did i ask for any help?


Will my Blackberry z10 turn on by doing so??


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Please i need help oh, i just buy my blackberry z10 for no reason he just stop to no, pls i need solution, thank you

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My BlackBerry z10 is not switching on because of low quality charger. Because of that charger Many of my phones was not able to work. but i want my z10 back... If there is any solution please tell me. i think it's motherboard issue.


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