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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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cannot get on broadband other devices ok

Nexus 7 2013 tablet 7" cannot get on line says incognito how do I free it.

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Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Select your network from the list > Tap it then hit Forget.

Check That your mobile operator is listed

Ensure that you're at a location with Mobile Broadband/ Home Wireless Broadband coverage. You can check coverage at your address .You must be in a 4G Plus or 3G dual band coverage area to access the Mobile Broadband network.

Ensure that your Mobile Broadband/ Home Wireless Broadband SIM card is activated

On some devices having Wi-Fi and/ or Bluetooth activated can override a successful 'Cellular' connection to the internet.

If you're able to, switch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off on your computer/ tablet and try to access the internet via your Mobile Broadband /Home Wireless Broadband service.

If you’ve tried all of the above and you still can’t connect to Wi-Fi, then further investigation is needed.

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It was helpful but I am still having prblems. Further investigation required


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