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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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does not hold as many songs as when new

The first time I down loaded music to my ipod it accepted/copied/downloaded 1200 songs but later when I changed my itunes account and added new music to my library it would only take 969 songs no matter how I picked the albums or individual songs. How do I fix it, is this common?

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You may have added longer songs or accidentally added a video or other apps that take up space. But you may also have developed some bad blocks as it aged. Kind of like the older I get the less beer I can drink ;-)

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+ Ralph


and please don't forget the bitrate - its a huge difference between 128kBit/s and 320kBit/s


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Yep. I reckon the mp3s are larger sized, higher bitrate files.

The itunes read out should tell you how much memory each type of media is using.

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