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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 Plus that was released on September 19, 2014. Model: A1522, A1524

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iPhone 6 plus motherboard imei

i mistakenly bought a stolen iPhone 6 plus lock to t-mobile, i called t-mobile to return the phone after i find out that the phone is block they to me that the phone it not link to any account, that i should call the guy who sold the phone for me back and have him to call then but here is the problem i bought it from craigslist. i try call the guy no answer i count know what to do with the iPhone , so if i change the motherboard will it be unblock from t-mobile

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pls suggest what to do in this case?


if you change the motherboard that changes the phone. if you by a at&t motherboard it will be an at&t phone. so make sure to buy the right network. sell that one for parts. or keep it for parts.. as you will prolly need them.there are a lot of issues with the 6 plus as i have been through three already and i keep mine in a waterproof life case and still mess up.. good luck


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Yes it will. However that's sort of an extreme solution. Money wise, and work wise. As long as the logic board is in good working condition, the donor board, you're good to go. These security measures are a bit drastic, so far the only solutions are Which could help you with your problem. Finding a sympathetic cellular retailer, that's willing to lift the lock, or replacing the logic board. Which again, is expensive and a lot of work

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