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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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hard drive with no os How to get osx on empty hd

hi! I have a MBP mid 2010 with a hdd which i want to leave intact and a ssd (1/3 of the size) ans would like to copy the os only. I've doon research but i cant get a bootable disk to work. Any ideas? Im using transmac. Rufus wont work for me. Greetings.

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There are two different ways to do this: Using a USB to SATA cable adapter or getting a USB thumb drive setup as a bootable drive first.

Using your working MacBook Pro download from the Apple App Store: Yosemite (OS-X 10.10) OS installer onto your system. Then run it to prep up the USB thumb drive, or if you have the cable prep the SSD directly.

With the USB method: Once the thumb drive is setup with the OS and you can boot up with it, lastly copy over to it the OS installer you're ready!

OK now you can swap out your internal drive. With the USB method: Using your USB thumb drive to boot up your system you can prep up your SSD.

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Ok. I'm a bit mac illiterate.

Download in app store and the copy to thumbdrive with installer(separate file?)and by prepping it i assume you mean formatting to mac journaled?. Then swap out hdd with ssd and install from thumb drive by booting holding option right?Thanks alot!


Almost.. You first need to prep the Thumb drive using Drive Utility and then run the OS installer. Here's a link to the App Store OS installer file for Yosemite. Once you have the thumb drive prepped so it will boot your system you'll need to copy the OS installed on to it to then do the same thing on the SSD.


Been away so could'nt thank you right away. Thank you very much!


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