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Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Am I able to replace my stock HDD in MBP with SSD?


I am currently scouting around for a good SSD to replace the stock Toshiba 500GB SATA in my Unibody 15.4" (Late 2010).

I have read on some of the answers here that it is possible to replace the 2.5" HDD with an SSD as long as it is SATA and same 2.5" size. Is this correct? Would I void the warranty?

Also: I called Apple Support the other day and they told me that replacing the stock HDD with an SSD requires doing something to the logic board and can only be selected during the configuration process before purchase. So in other words "no, you cannot install a 2.5", you have to change the logic board". Which I think is inaccurate.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

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Installing an SSD is possible in this computer. It will help you out a lot, and you should just ditch the spinning drive flat out.

However, a word of caution: You need to force enable TRIM. 10.10 uses kext signing, and doing this without disabling that blocks boot. You need to disable it before enabling TRIM. This isn't an issue pre Yosemite. You can find TRIM Enabler here.

As to the DVD drive? That will mess with the warranty, so do not bring it to Apple like that. At this point it's probably out of warranty and vintage anyway, so non-issue. Apple stops HW support after 5 years.

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You have to tear into it to change the optical or the hard drive. I believe it would void the warranty. Best to call Apple before doing it. 1-800- SOS-APPLE


Some good news here! OS-X 10.11 (El Capitan) restores TRIM services! Here's the details known so far: El Capitan Opens Door to TRIM Support on Third-Party SSDs for Improved Performance


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I have never heard anyone saying that you can't install an SSD on a macbook pro without configuration. You can even replace your Optical drive with an SSD and keep your current drive. None of these modifications require any configuration. Your machine should automatically recognize any drive as long as its SATA 2.5" 9.5MM drive.

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Agreed + Apple is so full of bullshit these days.


+ Agreed


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i have an 120 gb ssd [vertex 2]i installed in my 2010 15"core i7 unibody macbook pro,i swapped out the original 500 gig and use this now in usb external for backup,so yes,you most certainly can,and with read/write speeds of 250+ its a good performance boost for certain things,a generally more snappy computer/app launch,startup times etc,and because there is no moving parts in a ssd,less chance of damage due to shock or movement,and less power consumption[apparently]quiter,etc.

it is important to do an erase an install,or do a clone using suitable cloning software,when erasing ,use the minimum option[zero pass erase,]not 7 pass etc!!!!!it has to be formatted[hfs journaled] with disc utility before installing software after restart with osx install dvd,from utilities/disc utility menu in installer very careful,if you open the back cover,to firstly,ground yourself out from static electricity,by placing your finger on a metal surface,[ie dvd drive case]first,before touching anything inside,!!!,hard drives are best handled from the edges,being careful not to touch any circuit boards,or terminals with fingers,you will need to remove the lugs on either side of internal hdrive,and place them onto new ssd,to do this i recommend finding the right tool from here,i think its a small sized hex key ,i used pliars and felt covering,but ive done it many times,and know how to not damage or mark the lugs using this way,

i always clean gently the fan,heatsink area using camera blower whenever i open lid,they accumulate plenty of dust afer a while,so its a good opportunity to give em a bit of a blow out,however dont spin the fans,may damage bearings,its not that hard,you have manuals here,just get the right screwdriver,mini philips head,a good quality one is essential,as weak cheap steel tends to burr screws orslips and damages scratches ,etc,always place scrwes so you use exactly same ones in each hole,and torque up evenly i say,hope this helps,regs,i run bcamp/windows on ssd to no woz.

yes,it has to be 2.5 sata 2 form factor.get a more recent one if you can,they have more advanced controller.[indilix or sandforce]

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