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Model number NV370. Stands 27 inches tall and features Shark’s never loses suction technology and swivel steering.

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My vacuum is not picking up dirt, what could be the problem?

I've tried cleaning out the filter but I'm still having problems.

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If your vacuum is still not picking up dirt, there may be a blockage either in the brush roll, the hose or the hose that leads to the dust cup. If your hose accessory isn't picking up dirt, detach the hose and check for blockages in the hose and the place where the hose attaches. You can also check and clean the dust cup. If none of these solutions work, your motor may be going bad.

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Hose is bendable, metal. Wand attachment is not, and that is where the blockage is. Do I take meta l hose apart?


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The sweeper is not picking up. There is one hose that we can’t push anything thru.

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