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Released October 24, 2011 / 2.2, 2.4, or 2.5 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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LVDS Cable Issue - Extremely Hot?

Hi everyone,

I just bought a MBP 15" which had a broken screen, the plan was to install a new LCD, which all went without a hitch. However the LCD is still not displaying any image, only the backlight (this is what was happening with the old LCD).

I also noticed that around 5cm of the clutch cover on the far left (where the LVDS cable is underneath) gets EXTREMELY hot within 1 minute of the computer being on. I'm talking 'can't hold my finger on it' hot. I then unplugged the cable from the logic board and noticed a few of the pins had black on them, suggesting maybe a short somewhere?

Do I need a new LVDS cable? or can I somehow fix this. Please tell me I can, because I dread taking off the glass bezel again.

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Hi. I had the same exact issue today, same machine. Perfectly working machine on external monitor but white screen and hot connector. Checked the connector on the logic board, everything was ok. Checked the LVDS cable connector and I discovered two bent pins, first two on the left side. By carefully putting them back to their original position I was able to restart the machine and get the regular picture on the display. Hope this can help others. Cheers from Italy.


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Pins 2 and 3 right? PP3V3_S0 is shorting to ground through the cable, plugged in lopsided somehow. This is one of the few supplies in the machine that is actually capable of driving a direct load to ground without smoking, please unplug the LCD before you destroy the computer, it will not power that load for long before it eventually smokes.

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Thanks so much for the detailed reply, (just btw I followed your YouTube guide for an Air lcd replacement and I was successful, so thanks so much!)

So do you think the cable is plugged into a the logic board lopsided or is the problem at the other end, at the lcd? I am an actual idiot for putting the glass back on without checking :( but I'm just a newbie at computer repair, it's a hard lesson learned haha.

Thanks again for your help, love your work!


No clue which end the problem is at, but PP3V3 is shorting to ground through your LCD cable/screen, unplug this and never turn it on again until this is FIXED!!


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since i got the exact same problem (only difference is that i checked the display socket with magnifier and it seems absolutely intact) i wonder if you found a solution. Was it the cable?


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